Friday, 27 February 2015

Welcome back!

Welcome back!
We hope you all had a lovely break over the half term.
We have been working non-stop this week, designing our Roman shields and investigating Myths in English.

Homework this week is to design a poster, either about the generation of the World Wide Web or something that interests the children about the Web. This is in order to prepare the children for creating their own web pages in ICT by the end of the term. This is something the children are very excited about!
We have also asked the children to learn their lines for the assembly. This will be next week’s homework as well.
If you have not yet bought in a piece of card for your Roman shield, please could this be bought in by Monday, approximately 1 x 1.5m (thick , flat card works best!). Any problems, please pop in!
Next week, assessments will be running all week so please make sure you child has a fresh bottle of water and a snack each day to keep them going! In the afternoons, the children will have the chance to relax a little as they make their Roman shields.
We hope you have a great weekend,
The year 4 team.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Newspaper articles, the rotten Romans and more!

The children's curiosity about life in Roman times continues to grow this week with opportunities to learn about the expansion of the Roman empire and also about the story of Boudicca. This links well to our newspaper report writing unit in English as next week, the children will be writing their own articles based on Boudicca's rebellion against the Romans.

This week, we have been working towards writing reports on Roman day. The children  used sensational language, the passive voice and answered the 5 W questions, producing some really engaging articles. Have a read of an extract from Jess's report below...

Earlier today, year 4 pupils from the remarkable Crabtree Junior School, had the unique opportunity to take part in an outstanding Roman event, held in their vast school hall to kick-start their fascinating topic on Ancient Rome.

The extraordinary day was led by Charlie Clark, a national expert on the history of Rome. Charlie was petrifying as he barked out his orders. Year 4 pupil Amelie remarked, " Charlie terrified us all, playing the role of a fierce Roman Centurion!"

Soon after, the children set to work, constructing a catapult, creating a battle medal and much more. Miss Clements exclaimed, " It gave the pupils a better understanding of life in Ancient Rome and encourage the pupils to work as a team."

After half term, the children will be designing and making their own Roman shields. Please could you bring in a flat piece of cardboard, 1m x 50cm approximately, to be used for this. Please note, it is easier to paint blank cardboard rather than a printed box.

We hope you have a lovely weekend
Miss Clements and Mrs Renier