Friday, 21 April 2017

Welcome back to all!

Can you believe that this is our last term as Year 4?

This week:

In English we have started our new unit – Greek Myths. During this unit we will be coming familiar with the key features of myths. In addition, we will further develop our fiction writing skills: including fronted adverbials, topic sentences and character descriptions, whilst varying sentence structures. Of course, we will continue to work on perfecting our proof-reading and editing skills.

Mrs Meredith’s maths group will be developing their problem solving and investigation skills.

Miss Eastlake’s group are continuing to improve their understanding of different units of measurement: cm, m, km, g, kg, ml and l. This will also involve converting between different measurement and developing their understanding of the relationship between units.

Year 4 will continue to work on Brilliant Bubbles in Science.

Harpenden is our new topic and we have started by looking at clues and evidence that can help us to interpret the history of our town. We are all looking forward to investigation this topic further over the next few weeks.
In Computing, both classes have begun looking at using html tags. Have a go at home working through lessons 1-5.

How can you support at home?

Miss Eastlake’s Maths class would find any additional practise using and reading weighing scales when cooking at home, very helpful.  Several children find understanding the value of interval markers on scales a tricky concept to understand.

If you have friend or relative who has lived in the local area for their whole life, perhaps you can chat to them about their experiences and how the town has changes. Even better, if an older local contact would like to share their knowledge with the whole year group, please do get in contact with the school.

Request for help:

On Monday 22nd May Year 4 will be walking to and around Harpenden as part of our latest topic. During the afternoon we are hoping to be able to meet the Mayor too. It would be extremely helpful if some of our wonderful parents would volunteer to help us with this trip. Please contact the office if you are able to help, thank you in advance. (DBS will be required)

Sorry, no photos today.

Thanks as ever for your support

The Year 4 Team