Friday, 12 June 2015

What another busy week!

Apart from all the hard work and commitment the children have been showing in class in preparation for their assessment week, we have also been doing a lot of geography and history in class this week on our topic of Harpenden. We can't wait to start our DT project soon which will consist of building a 3d Model of the Harpenden high street. A little heads up that we will be sending out an email soon requesting you send in materials for your child to use. Please do not send anything just yet as every child will need to bring something different. Myself and Miss Clements will be visiting the "Wotever Store" in Welwyn Garden City to acquire as many materials as possible so hopefully we won't need you to bring in too much. It all depends on what is available at the store.

The weather has been absolutely fantastic which means we have had a few outdoor reading sessions. We need to make the most of it before it turns all rainy and windy again!

A little update on our forthcoming trip to the local farm school. Please be aware that we will be going to Annabels Farm, not Thrales End farm as previously detailed on the initial trip letter which went home. We are also confirming that we will not be visiting Harpenden as previously planned. The weather was not on our side last half term and unfortunately, we do not have enough time left in our busy schedule this half term.

With regards to assessment week, please ensure the children come in on time (as they usually do to be fair!), having had a good breakfast and a wonderful night's sleep! :) Miss Clements and I have been saying to the children how much we are looking forward to them showing off next week; because that is precisely what it is going to be: 64 children showing off what they have learnt all year around.

Finally, there will be no homework set next week  and the daily completion of the reading record is optional seeing as the children will put all of their efforts in their assessments every day!

Thank you for your cooperation as always and have a lovely relaxing weekend.

Mrs Renier and Miss Clements.