Saturday, 23 July 2016

A fabulous Year

A confident Harpenden presentation delivered by Hnry this week.

We all learnt something new about Harpenden when the children presented their work.

An interesting and well researched presentation by Josh L.

Historic photos of family were shared by Ellis.

A variety of presentations, Matt used Prezi, which was new to us all.

Life at the races with Chloe, Sofia and Sasha!

On your marks....


Some horses needed more carrot incentives!

Schools out for Ash this summer!

Schools out for Birch summer!

Now for the steeplechase, no water but a very determined George!

On your marks...

It was a photo finish for some!

And another photo finish!

Tying together our Harpenden topic with our science topic of electricity, we lit up the high street.

Barclays stayed opened late too!
Even the trees were illuminated, well done Ted

We have had a wonderful time in year 4 and have thoroughly enjoyed teaching both Birch and Ash.The children have been enthusiastic, polite,hard working and a pleasure to teach. We would like to thank you all for your very generous gifts, which is extremely kind of you all and very much appreciated.

The children have been set a holiday homework about the Maya civilisation, by their new year 5 teachers,  which the children were told about on transition day and the have information about what the task is and when it is due in. If anyone has mislaid it please read the information below-

Their task is to research the Ancient Maya civilisation and present their findings however they choose. Some suggestions were- a 3d model of Maya architecture, a poster, Top trumps about the Gods, power point etc....It is due in on the first Tuesday back (6th September)

We hope you all have a fun, relaxing and safe summer and we look forward to seeing all the children back in the Autumn term.

Thank you again for your continued support this year, it has been really appreciated.

The year 4 team