Friday, 12 September 2014

Wonderful Week 2!

Narnia day and more...

It's been another exciting week in year 4. On wednesday we had our Big Bang Narnia Day. It was fantastic to see all of the children dressed as characters (and some as the wardrobe!) from the story. Thank you to everyone who helped with costumes!

During the day the children took part in a drama session where they acted out the two opening scenes of 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. The session was based around 'physical theatre' which meant that no props were allowed and any objects in the scene had to be created using only their bodies. Working in groups, they created some very impressive wardrobes and forest scenes!

The children also took part in a 'Fine Art' session. They began by drawing the outline of Aslan, the wardrobe and the Narnia scene and later used paints to block colour the different sections. Next week, we will be using oil pastels to add detail. We look forward to sharing these with you!

Have a look at our progress below:

Please don't forget that homework and reading records are due on Monday and also to bring swimming kits, a snack and a waterproof coat.

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend,

The year 4 team.

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