Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sherbet making and bubble blowing!

As always year 4 have been busy and the children are rising to every occasion. In Science this week, Birch have been experimenting with the effects of glycerin, fairy liquid and water, when making bubbles! Ash has been experimenting with icing sugar, citric acid and bicarbonate of soda, when making sherbet! The children will then look at the bubbles in chocolate (Aero) and yeast work! This is proving to be a very practical unit so we are all enjoying our Brilliant bubbles unit.

During the last fortnight we have continued and now finished looking at Historical settings in English. On Thursday the children wrote their own Historical stories taking into account everything they had been taught. Here are some examples of the children's work.

Swishing in the wind, Ares's purple robe glimmered in the sunlight. Enjoying the fantastic sunshine, he didn't notice a precious, ancient urn and suddenly, 'crack'! His face reddened.
James E

Rapidly, he sprinted into the old dusty market. There were lots of tall men shouting and bartering. He was scared because his mother had warned him not to go there.
Adam B

Desperate for help, Flavia's palms started sweating as she realised she was lost! Like a professional mountain climber she went up a tall creme pillar to see if she could see her villa.

As luck would have it, Apollo quickly remembered his mother's words. He made a prayer to the important Gods. Unexpectedly, her words came floating by and he sprinted in the opposite direction.
Ollie S

Outside, Flaudia was playing ball with her friends, the twins, Julia and Julius. Suddenly, the ball smashed into her parents favourite urn. Without a look back, Flaudia sprinted out of the garden.

Without warning, Paupius, knew he was going to get a beating so he sprinted away into the city. As he walked past the stalls, where he saw people bartering, he smelt all the delicious food, that was being sold.

There were many more examples of fantastic expanded noun phrases, powerful verbs, historic clues and fronted adverbials. Well done to all year 4 pupils for a great piece of writing. Why not ask your child at home if they can remember what an expanded noun phrase is? Or what Roman name did their character have, in their story?

In Music both classes have been busy composing their interpretations of different habitats- The Arctic and deserts. This has been linked in with a wonderful, catchy song about the Environment and Polar bears. Why not ask your child to give you a rendition? 

In Maths both classes continue to look at number and how to apply the inverse to our calculations and how to tackle one and two step word problems.

In Creative curriculum we have now moved onto the infamous Boudicca and are hearing how and why she is remembered as such a powerful Roman woman.

In computing we are still really enjoying using Scratch as our coding program and applying new skills learnt to our Maths game. Why not ask your child what their Maths game is about?

Thank you for taking the time to read our Blog, we hope you found it interesting and enjoyed hearing what your children have been up to.

Have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to seeing all the children after the holidays.

The year 4 teachers 

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