Monday, 16 May 2016

Our Big Bang

A well deserved break after lots of walking and recording data.

Being observant and spotting the shields above M & Co.

A photo in front of one of our favourite shops!

Finding names of brave soldiers at the memorial.

Home to the Harpenden publication.

Being detectives and spotting dates!

All smiles in the sensory gardens.

Touching the braille and empathising with others.

Eating lunch in beautiful, spacious Rothamstead.

Sketching in the quiet gardens.

Enjoying the sunshine whilst sketching.

All girls together.

Ted enjoying his sketching.

Ash outside Harpenden Town Hall just before the Mayor's visit.

Ash with the Mayor after their question and answer session.

Learning about Harpenden's history.

Birch doing their traffic survey.

Relaxing whilst sketching in the park.

Sketching and relaxing and being thankful it is such a lovely day.

Birch's question and answer session with the Mayor.

Ash recreating the digestive system with tights, mashed up crackers and water!

It was very messy but they now know the parts of the digestive system.

'It is squeezed through the intestines.....

'What a long intestines it is!'

Olivia organised a celebration party for Ash to reflect on Britain's historic past, well done.

Olivia leading the Conga.

Birch relaxing on the Big Bang day.

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