Wednesday, 23 November 2016

As promised- song words for Christmas. Unfortunately we are not able to attach the music, but the children have practised with the music in class so will know the tunes.

Something is happening

 Well it was late in the night that the sight

Of delight began to happen,

When sleepy heads were in bed dreaming dreams

Full of fantasy and fear,

When frosty fingers were painting n the ground,

And icy whispers were echoing around

And even owls barely breathing a sound

When something happened


Lift up your eyes and see that

Something is happening tonight

Lift up your eyes and see that

Something is happening,

The stars are shining bright,

Look way up high, Look to the sky;

Owls barely breathing with a sound

When something happened


Lift up your eyes and see that something is happening

Something is happening

Something is happening tonight.


Beauty with a bell

Tell me how a country gal could end up so appealing?

Can it be the simple things that I will be revealing?

I’m a tasty beast, a very tempting feast, a beauty to with a bell

Take a look at me, you really must agree

I’m a gorgeous sort of gal


I’ve got big brown eyes and shapely thighs

A body big and strong, velvet skin and looks that win

And I’m good at singing this song.

Yes, I know how a country gal could end up so appealing.

It must be the simple things that I am not concealing.


My wool is superb

My wool is superb, you may not have heard, it’s amazing, amazing

The colour is fine, it looks so divine when I’m out on the hillside just grazing.

I’m not one to gloat or mention my coat

I’m ever so humble you see, but deep down inside I just know you have cried

 Simply longing to be like me.

For I could be a rug, very warm and snug, maybe

Or I could be a vest hanging on the best people in town

Or I could be a frock or a woolly sock maybe

Or I could bring great warmth to a king.

My wool is superb and now that you’ve heard the wonderful things it can be

Don’t try to hide those feelings inside just admit that the best – is- me

Admit that the best is me.


Simply the best

I’m not good looking, but I don’t care,

I’ve got a comb, but I’ve got no hair,

My looks aren’t important,

I don’t need to frown,

‘Cos I lay the best eggs in town!

So if you’re looking for a simple supper, a special breakfast or a tasty treat-

My eggs are thoroughly nutritious, they’re truly delicious, simply the best you’ll see.


Glory rap

Glory to God in the highest!

Glory to God on high!

Glory to God in the highest!

Glory to God on high!


Big, big shout out to the God above because He sent down His only Son in love to a cradle in a stable where the animals live with a message of love that HE came to give to every man and woman and child.

Little Jesus He isn’t just meek and mild;

He’s the biggest, strongest, mightiest God and we’ll sing out with one voice


Glory to God in the highest!

Glory to God on high!

Glory to God in the highest!

Glory to God on high!


Celebrate this Christmas

We wanna celebrate this Christmas,

And give our praise to God above

We wanna celebrate this Christmas

Thank God for his gift of love

We want to clap (clap x 4)

We want to stamp (stamp x 4)


To say a great big thank you for that first Christmas night.

Thanks for the shepherds, thanks for the star, thanks for the wise men coming so far,

Thanks for the angels up above and thank you for your gift of love!

We want to say a great big thank you for your love that Christmas night!

The children  will need their costume in school in a named carrier bag by Monday 5th December.
The costumes they need are listed below- all masks are provided by school.

Narrators - jeans and a colourful t-shirt.
Rats- grey trousers and top
Angels- white outfit with wings
Owl- brown outfit and mask
Chuck- light brown and mask
Sheep- white/ grey with mask
Robbers- jeans and stripy top
Innkeeper- jeans and shirt- not t-shirt
Innkeeper's wife- skirt or jeans with shirt/ blouse and apron
Hemi- jeans and t shirt of any colour
Policeman- blue or black with helmet if possible
Joseph and Mary- travelling clothes e.g. trousers, top, scarf, jacket
Camels- sandy brown with mask
Star- white or silver
Shepherds- Jeans and t-shirt with scarf/ woolly hat/ gloves
Frosty fingers- white/ silver suitable for dancing in
Cowboys- jeans and checked shirt
Eggs- white/ light brown- an egg outline sandwich board will be provided by school
Wise men-Jeans and t-shirt with cloak

Thank you in advance for your support with this. We hope you enjoy the performance when it is ready!

The year 4 team.

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