Friday, 10 March 2017

We've been busy, as usual, in Year 4 -
  • English - we have been working on non-chronological reports. The children have produced some thoughtful and amusing reports so far. The focus has been on the appropriate use of formal language and necessary features for the genre.
  • Maths - Mrs Meredith's class has been working on multiplication and division strategies - Miss Eastlake's class has been concentrating on addition and subtraction while developing problem solving skills.
  • Science - we have started the unit is called 'Brilliant Bubbles' - we began by investigating which washing up liquid created the best bubble - after we had decided what constituted the 'best' bubble; size, longevity or distance floated.
  • Creative Curriculum - both classes have continued on the Roman theme, by designing a Roman pot. The skills necessary to create each pot will be developed over the next few weeks.
To further support your child at home:
  • Please focus on knowledge and accuracy of Times Tables, since a secure understanding and knowledge of these will really boost your child's mathematical confidence.
  • Also, please try to make the most of any opportunities to read and enjoy a book, magazine or article with your child. I'm sure that you'll agree that shared reading can help to encourage even the most reticent reader to enthuse about the reading experience.
No photos this time, sorry.

The Year 4 team.

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