Friday, 5 May 2017


We have now completed our English unit on Greek Myths and the children have produced some fantastic pieces of writing. The children's understanding of this genre of writing has greatly improved and it has been a successful stimuli to draw on the children's imaginations and writing skills. Well done year 4!

In Maths, Mrs Meredith set have now completed work on fractions and decimals culminating in an end of unit investigation where the children have created their own multi-choice 'real life' scenarios to set challenging questions to test others. Miss Eastlake's set have been continuing their unit on data handling and learning about the most suitable representations for specific data e.g. bar charts, line graphs.

For Science, the children have been investigating the fun world of bubbles! One investigation has involved finding out about the fizziness of sherbet and how this is created and a further one connected with aerating chocolate. So plenty of finger licking opportunities!

In PSHE lessons we have been talking about loss, whether that be a lost pencil case, a lost friend or losing a relative. The children have responded sensitively to discussions and reflected well in their jigsaw journals.

If possible could children bring in a small plastic bottle (250ML) for next Tuesday's Science lesson.

At home
Homework was sent home on Thursday. For the reading comprehension could we emphasise the importance of finding evidence in the text to support answers.
Also, as our new English unit is Journalistic recounts, it may be helpful to have a look through a newspaper and find an example of a recount. (Please bring into school)
Miss Eastlake would also like her set to be looking out for examples of charts or tables in newspapers for Maths.

Have a great weekend

The Year 4 team

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