Saturday, 26 September 2015

Our week

This week in year four we have been busy as usual. In English we are writing narrative stories based on Dick King Smith's 'The Jolly Witch' and 'Our journey to the Abbey'. We have been focussing on structure the structure of the text, what type of sentences engage readers, using our five senses, the power of exciting vocabulary and how good characters can make a story effective.

Here are some examples of our work-

Sniffing the air happily, Mrs Jolly jumped onto her magical broomstick and soared into the night sky. As she flew peacefully, she spotted the other witches ready to race. Enjoying the view she approached her allies ready to begin the annual race. Was she going to be successful?
Adam B

After all the drained children had gone home to their bear fur sofas, Mrs Jolly would (well sort of!) set to her work of cleaning the school. In the classroom she plopped herself down in the big, leather chair, clapped her hands, gulped half her tea down and shouted 'Work, work, come alive!'. Almost at once, the Hoover plugged itself in and started humming. The dusters started cleaning the tables whilst squabbling over who would be the dirtiest after the clean. Lastly, the dust pan and brush (who were very well behaved) started sweeping up the paper in silence.
Lily B

Our journey to the Abbey
'It's  ok' I told myself even though I didn't feel it. I wonder where this winding path will lead
me, hopefully back home. Waves, waves to my right, I could hear muffled singing from what looked like a ship. Wait a minute! Pirates! I tried to stay out of sight but it was almost impossible as the pathway scraped at my bare feet. Peeking, I saw the sails of the ship dancing. Something caught my eye. At last some light!
Freddie T

In Maths both classes have continued to work on calculation using both addition and subtraction mental and written strategies. In Science we are still enjoying our topic of sound.  We are beginning to understand more about vibrations, how sound travels through different materials and we will move onto varying pitch and volume!

Yesterday we had a wonderful afternoon and celebrated European Languages day. Our afternoon began with an exciting assembly led by Madame Baikie who inspired us all about how and why learning languages can help us. Then we went into class and participated in a series of activities - speaking in different languages, sharing the languages spoken in our class, European map work and starting our wonderful passport. We had a great time and hopefully all went home with a few new words from a different language.

Pictures to follow on Monday.

Have a good weekend

The Year four team

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