Friday, 20 November 2015

Another busy week

We have had another busy, but very enjoyable, with the year 's. Yesterday, as a school we watched the year 5 assembly, giving us an idea of what the rest of the school have been up to and what to expect as we go into year 5!

This week, although it is only November, we have started to think about some Christmas ideas for our displays and decorations around the school and what songs we would like to share to you and the school.

In Maths Mrs Doran's class have been working hard on conquering multiplication and have applied their knowledge to problem solving. In Mrs Gaines and Mrs Mercer's group we have been looking at time- tables, TV guides, analogue and digital clocks and then applying our knowledge to to word problems and real examples.
Here is one to try at home

Simon caught a train to Heathrow from Luton at 13.45. The journey lasted 1 hour and 18 minutes. 
At what time did Simon arrive in Heathrow? 
He should have been  at the airport 2 hours prior to travel and his flight was at 5pm, has he made it in time or has he arrived late, if so by how much?

In English we have finished our unit on Fantasy stories, which were a pleasure to read, and moved onto persuasive texts. We hope the children don't  transfer their persuasive techniques learnt from school to home and start questioning bedtime! We continue our  persuasion unit for the next fortnight leading up to writing persuasive letters!

In topic we continue to learn about Coasts but have now dipped into some art related to the seaside. This week Birch have practised an art technique called Pointillism which will be their front covers of their topic books.

In Science both classes have now completed the topic of Sound and are now moving onto States of matter. Why not ask your child if they know of a substance that can be a solid, liquid and or a gas? We have also been looking at the fact that sand can be poured, like the property  a liquid,  but it is a solid. We will be looking at this topic for the next 6 weeks, here are some of the new words we might learn - viscosity    solid     liquid      gases    states of matter       volume     properties  materials   melt  water cycle   evaporate   temperature

 Next week is Eco-day on Thursday and we will be looking at how we can play a part in being more aware about recycle, saving water and having fun up-cycling products that ordinarily may have been recycled. On Friday please remember it is an occasional day for everyone so the school will be closed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope you found it useful.

The year 4 team

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