Friday, 6 November 2015

Our Coastal Big Bang

Making our beach huts with lolly sticks, paint and glue. It is very tricky.
Patience and support by friends.

Satisfaction and perseverance.

Teamwork and concentration on the class coastal build.

Focus and determination

Near completion...

In the afternoon we made collage pictures of a seaside scene. We used a pale blue wash as our background and then built upon it.

It was a time consuming and fiddly process, hopefully you will see them all at our assembly next week.

DT and Art is a pleasant break from English and Maths!

Can anyone name the flag in the picture?

Carefully arranged colourful bunting.
Excellent precise and beautifully presented work.

Which coastal features has this pupil included in their collage?

Carefully presented and arranged like real beach huts. Well done Ash.

Our work in progress!

Birch were a little bit further on and with more painting completed, the scene is really taking shape.

A great beach scene including the skill of pointillism that we have been learning in Art.

As you can see from the pictures we had a very productive and enjoyable big bang. Thank you to all the parents that sent in boxes to help us, it was appreciated. We think the children really enjoyed the day, learnt some new creative skills in D.T and art, whilst learning more about Coastal features and British Seasides.

Today we also showed the children an E Safety clip recommended by CEOP ( E Safety protectors and Educators). If you would like to view the clip to see what your children have watched, please follow the link below.

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