Saturday, 25 June 2016

Another busy week!

The children have enjoyed their week despite the rain and we have managed to have most play times on the field. Inside the classroom, Mrs Doran's maths group have looked at factors and had an assessment. Mrs Mercer's set have been looking at fractions, decimals and how they interrelate. In science we have been discussing how to be safe with electricity in the home, which the children knew a great deal about. We also had the best smelling classrooms in the school when the children tried to use the citric acid from a lemon as a battery to create a circuit and light up an LED bulb. Why not ask them if their group was successful?

In English we have been enjoying a two week unit on the topic of stories from another culture. We have immersed the children with a variety of narrative texts, which they really enjoyed, and then yesterday they wrote their own story from another culture. Can they retell it to you, with all the cultural aspects included?

In PE the children have been playing rounders, which they also really enjoyed, and learnt all the rules that accompany the game. In computing we have started our unit entitled 'We are musicians' and we are using the programs 'Isle of tune' and 'Compose World' to create carnival themed pieces. We continue our Harpenden topic in the creative curriculum and this week we had another look at the impact of the railways to our town. We did some role play as different groups of people within the community, straw plaiters, farmers and shop owners, and tried to empathise with how they might have felt with the arrival.

In Jigsaw lesson (PSHE) we looked at what makes us who we are with personality and physical traits. We looked at our similarities to our parents because of genetics and how we are 'a little bit of mum and a little bit of dad'.

So, it's fingers crossed for good weather all day as Crabtree enjoys the annual summer fair. Good luck to the football teams in the semi-final of the European cup/ Crabtree style, we wish you all well.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Blog.
The year 4 team

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